Classes held at Rock Springs Cafe just 25 minutes north of I-17 and Loop 101 in Black Canyon City, only 28 minutes from the range at Cowtown.‚Äč

Demystifying  the Firearm

Do you live in a house with firearms? Do you want to be safe around them? Do you want ot learn to shoot, but do not feel comfortable with your firearm or at the range? This is the class for you. This class is designed to give the knowledge and basic skills needed to make sure that you are able to enjoy your firearms safely and comfortably. This is also the perfect place to begin if you want to continue on with your training or to understand and handle firearms or be more comfortable around the gun owner in your life. This is not a self-defense or marksmanship class, this is solely focused on the firearm and your understanding and familiarity with it.

Basic Handgun

Basic Handgun Class is all about enabling you to build rock solid, correct basics. This is where you begin to lay the foundation of your over-learned skills - the patterns of basic behavior that become so automatic, you can do it without even thinking. These skills include fundamentals such as how you hold and operate your weapon and how you address the environment around you.

AZ state Concealed Carry  - (CCW)

Arizona DPS approved class. This class includes sections of law and legal aspects, decision making, basic safety, mental preparation. This class also has a live fire portion with qualifications of 5 rounds at 5 yards and 5 rounds at 10 yards. While Arizona no longer requires a Concealed Carry Permit, this 8 hour class provides valuable training as well as many other benefits such as being recognized in many other states. Discounted fingerprinting will be available the day of the class (two cards, a $35 value) for $20. Please note that if your hands are very arthritic, or if you have unusually fine fingerprints, we may be unable to roll your prints and you may need to have them taken digitally at a later date.

All other documentation is included in the price of class tuition.

**If you do not have a firearm, you do not have to rush out and buy one for this class. Since you will be learning this will be an excellent opportunity to try a few and make an informed decision on what you would like to buy. We have a few different options for training / trial weapons. Rental for $10 a day and ammo is included. 

laser training for decsion making 

Now that you have taken our CCW class, you have risen from unconscious incompetence and you are beginning to "know what you don't know". You recognize that it is time to begin developing some conscious competence of the skills and thought processes that support effective self defense.

In Laser training for decision making, you will begin to hone the skills of threat-recognition and life-and-death decision-making through our thought-provoking shoot-don't-shoot video scenarios. You will use a laser weapon to physically act out your response to the video as though it were a real event, and then you will have the opportunity to critique the consequences of your own choices, so that you can practice responses that serve your objective perfectly, and choose better next time if need be.

This is the mental training that will prepare you to survive not only physically but legally, morally, and spiritually as well.

Laser training for decision making with Live Fire includes all of these same benefits of laser training with the addition of live fire training on the range in order to instill excellent weapon handling techniques that mesh seamlessly with your mental training.

Close Quarter Defensive Tactics

In Close Quarters Defensive Tactics, you will gain understanding of principles and practical techniques that can help you to manage conflicts that occur within zero to twenty one feet from you - that is, "inside the reactionary gap".

Close quarters conflicts present a unique set of challenges for a gun owner to overcome, and therefore an entire new set of skills is required to operate confidently within this distance.

This class will cover:

- Weapon retention
- Close quarter target acquisition
- Understanding of different distances
- Factors to consider in hand-to-hand contact and in contact with edged weapons
- And more

Firearms Strategies for Business Owners

As a business owner:
Do you want to know your right to control entry of firearms onto your premises?
Do you want to develop strategies to deal with workplace violence?
Do you want to know how to interview potential employees to contribute to a safe working environment?
Do you want to know how to develop policies and protocols to communicate as safely and effectively as possible with customers who bring weapons into your place of business?
Do you want to understand the basics of how to secure your site?
Do you want to learn strategies for keeping your employees and customers safe?

The course Firearms Strategies for Business Owners will help you to develop these skills.
You will learn to understand the relationship between your customers' rights to carry firearms and your private property rights as a business owner, so that you can create the type of working environment you feel best suited for success.
Learn what types of policies deter violent groups and individuals from targeting your workplace.
Learn how to foster healthy communication between your employees and customers so that weapons policies can be carried out smoothly and with maximum safety for all involved.
Learn the pros and cons of allowing your employees to carry their own concealed weapon.
Learn how to create educated employees so that those who work for you can handle weapons related topics with confidence.

Night Shoots

Want to experience shooting low light / no light situations. We will teach you the basics in a controlled environment. This class will have both classroom and live fire portions. This class  will include topics in the self defense options with flashlights, use of flashlights in a tactical situation, as well as laser sights and night time survival tactics.

Custom Training and Range time

Do you have a specific training need or concern? Contact us and we will gladly work with you to tailor a class to your specific needs.