Jack Husted has been an Arizona Law Enforcement Officer for over 35 years. Almost all of his career he has been involved in the training and instruction of police officers. He has worked as a patrol deputy, SWAT training officer, sniper, detective, and academy training instructor at both Arizona's police academy as well as the federal law enforcement training center during his time with the Pima County Sheriffs Department. During the last last twenty plus years Jack has worked in conservation law enforcement with the Arizona Game and Fish, while continuing his role as a Police firearms instructor. For the last ten years Jack has been focusing on training civilians in the Arizona Concealed Carry Permit class. His entire career has lead him to develop a unique perspective and approach for preparing his students for the possibility of self defense and lethal force situations.

Lena Voyles is an Arizona native, who grew up in rural Arizona with two passions, horses and hunting. Her quest for a higher education resulted in a master's degree in Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland. While overseas she picked up many skills, including education in historical European martial arts.

Apon returning home her studies and interest in how the mind, body and words work together to produce powerful results continues. She has been formally trained in hypnosis and reiki and continues to explore modalities such as neurolinguistic programming and Thought Field Therapy.

In order to develop experience with handguns she sought out the best training. In the course of taking classes from Jack, his and her philosophy and methods melded and Lena is now an NRA instructor, a range safety officer, as well as a full partner in Mental Marksmanship.

She continues to write, edit, teach as well as train high caliber show jumping horses. Edged weapons (she participates in traditional mounted archery) and big game hunting, as well as a thirst for knowledge remain among her passions.

Jack Husted

What we Do

We offer our student the chance to train with our shoot / don't shoot scenarios. They allow you to think about your actions in real world scenarios. You will work on the critical thinking skills that can help you make the most informed decision. We present you with the change to decide for yourself if and when or if you should present your weapon and if you should shoot or not. This allows you to train your brain and work on your skills needed to be ready to defend yourself and others.

Mental Training for Today's Marksman

You can be trained to make good decisions, but those decisions must be thought about long before an event.

We teach you to make legal, safe decisions.

We teach you the decisions that must be made before you pick up a weapon in self defense.

To do this we use a three-pronged approach - classroom, video scenarios, and live fire.

Classes held at Rock Springs Cafe just 25 minutes north of I-17 and Loop 101 in Black Canyon City, only 28 minutes from the range at Cowtown.‚Äč

Lena Voyles